Saturday, March 10, 2007

CleanWell - Disney Survival Guide

Normally I don't plan on updating any of these product reviews, but we had two things happen at Disney World that I felt like I should share.

First, Monkey Man took a header on the sidewalk and scraped the ever living crap out of his knees. CleanWell to the rescue! I sprayed both knees and cleaned all the dirt out, the best part being that it didn't sting at all. Both knees ended up having no visible scabbing or anything, but more than just aesthetic reasons I was relieved to have something so handy to clean him up with that didn't make him howl in pain even worse than he did on the fall.

Then, on our last day, we were in the ladies' restroom right inside the gates of Epcot and apparently someone had spilled water all over the floor making it super slippery. And of course, Monkey Man slipped and fell right on that nasty bathroom floor in all that water and dirt and who knows what else. Again, CleanWell was there to save the day! I grabbed handfulls of paper towels and adjourned to a bench outside of the restroom, where I liberally sprayed it all over him and then wiped him down with towels. He was as good as new in minutes and I wasn't scared to death that he'd come down with ebola or something like that.

So that's it in a nutshell. CleanWell is great for disaster recovery as well as regular hand cleaning. Thumbs up again from me!