Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to school in style with Hanes

Remember back-to-school shopping? I always got to start the school year with new clothes, right down to my socks and undies. And I do the same thing for Monkey Man, although being a boy doesn't necessarily mean that he is even remotely excited about shopping for school clothes.

Parent Bloggers Network emailed me a few weeks ago about some exciting new products from everyone's favorite underwear company, Hanes - Comfort Fit Underwear for Kids. They are introducing the new "Comfort Fit Promise" - if you're not 100% satisfied with the way they fit, you get your money back. How can you beat that? So I emailed and begged to be added to the campaign.

The day the box arrived in the mail, Monkey Man assumed that it was probably a gift for him from his grandparents. "Well...it is for you, but it's not exactly what you think it is..." I said. He ripped the box open, and his face visibly fell as the packages of socks and underwear fell out of the box.

"Socks? UNDERWEAR? That's not a present!" he wailed.

"Yeah, but guess what? If you wear these, you can tell millions of people on the Internet whether they should buy them for their kids or not. How about that?"

He eyed me suspiciously. "For real? I get to say if I like them or if I don't?"

"Yup. It's that easy."

"I'm in. When can I try them out?"

So in the washer they went. First, we washed up the new Boys No Ride Briefs. They washed up like a dream, and boy were they soft. I compared them to the other Hanes Briefs that we already had, and they are definitely different - they have no-roll edging on the legs, meaning no riding up and therefore no wedgies! He liked the waistband too because it didn't rub his waistline the way some other brands we've tried do. And, double-stitching on the seams spells durability - and we all know that boys aren't exactly gentle on their undies. He loved those and said they were super comfy.

Next came the Boys No Gap Fly Boxers. And I don't know how Hanes did it, but there is an actual fly there that does not gap. Not one bit. I let Monkey Man run around one afternoon in his boxers and a t-shirt for hours, and no matter how much he squirmed, jumped, or danced around, there wasn't a single gap to be found. No peep show here! He loved the tagless design and the covered waistband. This was his first time wearing boxer shorts, and I think he loved them and all of the "freedom", if you know what I'm saying. I was just relieved that I wasn't being subjected to frequest flashes of his freedom. Ahem.

We also got to try the Hanes Shaped to Fit Ankle Socks for Boys. I hate kids' socks. The last set I bought, which were made by an athletic apparel company that begins with an R and ends with a K, washed up terribly and never seemed to look clean. Well, these wash up like a dream - they look great even after multiple wearings. They have extra reinforcing in the heels and toes but they are not bulky. The yarns are plush and cozy. The socks stay up without constant tugging. And I have yet to see any of the annoying little pieces of elastic poking out from around the top of the socks. I'm sure all of the moms reading this are nodding their heads right now, because those nagging little pieces of elastic can almost drive you to drink.

"Mommy, you need to tell those people on the Internet that they need to buy these underwear. They rock!"

Why yes, they do. Not only for the quality, but for Hanes' Comfort Fit Promise - how can you beat that? And if you look for specially marked packages, you can get a free pair!

Check back at Parent Bloggers on August 22nd for our Blog Blast featuring Hanes and a chance to win some of their awesome products for your own kids!

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